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omg, sorry I am very late to reply one of you old old old blog. but I have the same experience in Paris and I do wanna share with you. I was not lucky as you, I did lose my bag, and I had everything there incl. my wallet, mobile, passport, hotel key and stuff. I mugged by a group of teenage gangsters at the train in the north of Paris after my exhibition setup. Then I reported to the station officers, and some cops picked me up to the police station nearby. I went CRAZY at that moment cuz I dunno any French and lost everything, but the cop is so nice and he can speak ENGLISH, he saved me!!! That was my 1st day to Paris and I needed to stay for a week, during that crazy week, I went to the embassy of my country several times and sure I could get back to my country as planned. thank god!! The cops at the police station are really goodlooking and gorgeous, they looks good in uniform and very gentle and helpful. But when I asked him to amend sthg. on the declaration report, he easy to get annoyed & reject my request. I clearly understand French after get mugged.
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Oct 8, 2010