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Laurie Pringle
Toronto, Ontario
Interests: life, philanthropy, animal welfare, hiking, biking, environment, people, and good old fashioned fun!
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May 6, 2010
Not working for me. It says I'm going to get permissions and it never happens. I'm using IE 8 - so I'm guessing I'm having the issues that others are. Also when it created the "page" it wasn't invisible - I had to go into the settings and make it invisible.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on Liking your blog on Facebook at Everything Typepad
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Paul: It depends on what you're doing. If you're starting a new Major Gift program and have always relied on government and foundation grants - you don't really have a community base. If you're starting a new event, but don't have a community of event participants, there's no community. If you're starting a new charity, there's no community for anything. It's not always possible (or wise) to involve your existing community in a new initiative. It's all about being a strategic networker (and a generally nice person), with an eye to data analysis, measurement and understanding the motivations and inclinations of a specific audience. Be a good marketer, a good strategist and a good communicator (i.e. honest, fun, interesting, engaging, responsive etc.) and you'll do well. However, I think if you're all those things in everything else you do, you'll do well there too. I've been involved in launching new products, identifying and engaging new markets and building new communities for a long time. Perhaps, this feels new to charities, because they've been doing the same things (over and over again), for such a very long time?
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Hi Paul... I guess I got confused by this: "Practices that are more true on Twitter Her point about cultivating a strong community is possibly more important on twitter, specifically, and in all Social Networks, in general, merely because of the lack of community when you make an initial foray in to this platform." I don't see how any of the points you made are "more true" than any other form of fundraising, sales, marketing or human relationship. Just my .02..
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