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Kathy McCreedy
I'm a mixed media artist who works as a nurse & has a few too many interests + OCD, which can be an issue! My day doesn't feel complete unless I've used my hands to make something creative... collage, calligraphic designs, jewelry, pretty much anything except dinner...
Interests: calligraphy, art journaling, collage, Photoshop, knitting, reading, bike riding, The Jon Stewart show, collecting cool old stuff (I am NOT referring to my husband!), spending time with my children, travel, and learning something new everyday!
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Jul 22, 2013
Hey girlfriend!!! You know, I'd never thought to "put my own spin" on Nutcrackers, either... but boy have you sparked a new interest in me!!! I had no idea anyone made and sold Nutcracker "blanks", but now I've just got to try it! I LOVE, love, love your Steampunk nutcracker! SO cool and SO incredibly original! Not sure if you get the CB2 catalog, but they had a terrific little guy on their cover this holiday season, with letters that caught my eye and a color scheme that I found irresistable (red, black, and white)... now, after reading your post, I'm TOTALLY geeked! Thank you for the inspiration! Happy Holidays, all my best! xoxo Kathy
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Feb 19, 2012
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Mar 15, 2010
OMG, I'd KILL to have that box of letters!!! OK, what I'd REALLY kill for is their old medical textbooks!!! Just love all that old stuff, don't you?!? I'm enjoying your blog, thanks for the interview re: Seth... he's a great guy and a really talented artist.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Two Doctors Correspond for 50 years at ephemera
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Hi, great interview! Seth is a very generous and talented artist, and a really nice guy, too! I have the pleasure of knowing Seth through the Blogosphere and am inspired and challenged by his work and his energy. And thanks for posting the photo of him... he's a pretty good looking fella! :D All my best from a fellow paper and ephermera lover, Kathy
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You are SO funny and SO cute, Julie! Even miles and miles away, you make me chuckle out loud! Congrats on the interview, and I sure wish I could sign up for one of your journal classes... they look absolutely charming! xoxo
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HI! Really, really beautiful piece of jewelry art! I love how you have made it your own by adding such unexpected yet really beautiful touches to the design. Thanks SO much for sharing with us!
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Hey Julie! Great post, loved the honest sentiment and the encouragement you give to us all, that we, too, can make it our own! Love what you've done, xoxo, K.
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Hi Julie! AWESOME artwork, girlfriend! The colors are so rich and love the multilayered effects. I hope your classes go well, looks like it's going to be a smash hit! My Julie Prichard postcard is going to be worth serious money one day! :D
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on One day soon... at The Land of Lost Luggage
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Hi Jules, BEAUTIFUl colors! Really lovely piece... and thank you for the great link to an amazing artist, congrats on having a couple of your journal pages featured! Thanks for your VERY kind comments re: the latest Calligraphy piece on my blog... I really appreciate it! xoxo
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2009 on Check out Amanobooks! at The Land of Lost Luggage
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Hi Julie, glad to hear you're starting to feel better... but what horrible timing to have your hubby OOT when you're sick! The papers you've done for your Seth collaboration are fantastic... I especially love the turquoise colored piece near the bottom of the post... really beautiful... hang in there, girlfriend... you really will get better! And thank you very much for the very kind comments re: the valentine's hearts... xoxo
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on I miss you. at The Land of Lost Luggage
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GREAT story... kids say the darndest things, don't they? Too funny... hope you feel better... it sucks to feel like crud! All my best!
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2009 on Great fun... at The Land of Lost Luggage
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Hi Julie! LOVE the little grid of valentine images! I need to know if that's one image done in, say, Photoshop? or many small images loaded directly onto the typepad page? LOVe, loVE, LoVe it!!!! ps: thank you for the WONDERFULLY kind comment you left me... made me feel really loved. xoxo
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2009 on In the mood for love? at The Land of Lost Luggage
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HI Julie, You're the best! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment... I just love you!!! And I love your heart with wings, & the sentiment is perfect. Hope all is well with you & yours. xoxo
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2009 on At the crossroads.... at The Land of Lost Luggage
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AAAHHHHH!!!! I'm SO excited for you, Julie!!! I'd give anything to be able to stop by and see your art in the shop windows! Congratulations! But I'm left wondering just one thing... could you possibly cram any more activities into one short weekend?!? I personally think you should consider scheduling a couple more events into those 48 hours! Oh, you know me, I'm just kidding you... hope you feel up to all the fun, sounds like it will be a very memorable weekend. Please be sure to post photos! xoxo
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