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James Khoury
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I'm not one to advocate elitism but if someone wants to suggest that I learn physics better because one day civilization might find itself in space? Please don't waste your breath. Even if that were to occur that'd still be someone else's job. I know hardly anything about my car in terms of mechanics and I can still drive it. I can't cook but I still eat. I can't act or film but I still watch TV. If everyone needed to learn to code for day-to-day situations then they would learn it. Most computer issues can't be solved with programming but rather with learning how to install a printer/software or learning to swap out a mouse/screen. People should learn to be their own help-desk first. That's where I started and no knowledge of code was needed.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2012 on So You Want to be a Programmer at Coding Horror
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May 25, 2012