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Christy Kilgore-Hadley
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Once when I was 5 my parents got me a new bedroom set for my birthday - complete with a princess canopy bed and a grownup desk with a hutch. They painstakingly got it in my room without me knowing so it would be a surprise. Then my dad had the brilliant idea to act like he was really mad at me and send me to my room where I would see the new furniture. Great plan, right? Except I was so upset at him yelling at me (my dad was not a yeller, so him raising his voice instantly sent me over the edge) I spent the next half hour bawling as my parents tried to comfort me and tell me I hadn't done anything wrong. All these years later, I still think my dad is pretty much the greatest human being on the planet.
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You failed to answer the most important question about this debacle - did magnets stick to your arm?
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This is so beyond lovely!
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And now I am trembling and in tears over the conversation the doctor and his wife had about Miss Bundles. Feel better soon!
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Jan 5, 2010