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I totally agree about the crap SyFy is putting on in place of Eureka. Ugh. Eureka has been, since day one, one of the best shows Sci-Fi/SyFy has ever aired. I would, in fact, say it's the best, but I'm sure I'd be outvoted on that one. Every season it has reinvented itself in a way that no other show but Fringe has managed to do so well. It will be greatly missed. Also, I am continually jealous of you (insert Sheldon Cooper exclamation of, "Wheaton!!"), first for being on my favorite show as a kid (ST:TNG), and now for being on Eureka and The Big Bang Theory. You seriously get to be friends with the coolest people. P.S. I love the TNG crew caricature behind you guys. Awesome.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2012 on I really miss this place at WWdN: In Exile
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May 18, 2012