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I disagree, Wil Wheaton. And I'd point out that a preference for the Like and Dislike buttons is in conflict with your motto, "Don't be a dick." The dislike button's sole function was to be just that. And the Like button was so seldom used, in proportion to total views, that it was useless. I'm glad to see them die. I've seen hordes of trolls attack perfectly nice videos for no reason but to cause the creator grief. I've seen Dislikes pile up on live streams that were queued up but hadn't even started yet. The vast majority of people who watch videos and like them can't be bothered to have the courtesy to say so. YouTube is part of Google now, and those of us who use Google to share quality content with others want a reasonable way to do so without being hassled by trolls. ... JMHO. BTW, I'm watching the latest Eureka and loving it! You rock on BBT too!
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May 6, 2012