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Kim Curry
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Beautiful. You had to go and make me a fan all over again. That starry sky is what got me through so many of those fragile adolescent nights, when I didn't know if I would get here, when nobody else believed I could do this... when the only guy who showed interest in geeky girls was a character on TV... and when my Dad had to go repeating every little thing his coworkers said about him :( The last time I watched the ISS go overhead, I was standing outside the Mission Control Center, surrounded by flight controllers and design engineers, several years ago. It has to be much, much brighter now than it was then. We've added solar panels and several more modules since then. I haven't looked for the overflight info for Alabama yet, since we left Texas. I should really do that. But it's getting late, and before long our own little guy will be waking us up, so I'm also going to call it a night.
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Dec 14, 2010
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