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Things R coming to a head in the Barnett Shale for those NOT owning water wells...over the years I’ve seen people testify at City Council meetings about how their foundations are shifting more so than ever before since the may have taken years for the REAL damage to show itself, but the sheer number of water main breaks (sewer too because of that smell folks are talking about) in Arlington tell a new story...especially since in the past we’ve been through worse heat and worse lapses without when the rains come...all hell is breaking loose in Arlington gasland are settling at rates like folks have NEVER seen before and the difference is coincidently fracking that occurred nearby? In speaking to an Atmos guy while checking out a sizable sinkhole across the street from my home, he complained that his foundations were cracking on two of his properties...since drilling. In my backyard, I’m noting a small sinkhole thats growing and I’ve lived here for 23 years now. I’ve come to the conclusion that my first $85 royalty check verified that I’ve been drilled under and it came with a new price (besides all the $$ we spent on chemo/radiation)....and that price is ground subsidence. I made this video last Wednesday please check it out ...
This articles states that Barnett Shale operators do not like to use topflow water because it has friction which makes the compressors have to pump at higher horsepowers (plus they have to be demineralized first).
So now TCEQ tells me they need to bring in these lift compressors to boost lagging production on the older wells. Compressors = formaldehyde
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2011 on UTA wells paying off at Barnett Shale
Regulations bring the real costs of fossil fuel to force them to compete with renewable fuels...aka Green Jobs! The Texas Vox reported that at a ERCOT meeting that folks could be overheard saying they wished more renewables were in the mix. It was reported that it was wind energy that prevented rolling black outs too! Other public power utilities (municipally owned and rural electric cooperatives) are leading the way in renewables such as San Antonio wants to build 400mw solar and Austins 30mw Webberville is coming forward as well as others looking toward solar. Stop the old school fossil fuel 30-50 year old lung buster plants and get along there lil doggies down the path to green jobs using green grids and green $$ all at the same time...not to mention the relief on the health care system for lung and cancer ailments. Too bad then for cancer centers, drug companies- they don't get to flourish off of our misery. And those energy companies that are iBM ing it (too big to lead or react to changing market conditions) deserve to go down in blaze of lost revenues. In coal plants using about 10 million gallons of water a day...the time is past for real change. Let’s embrace and encourage those offshore wind energy projects and stop mucking up our seafood industry! Like the Texas Vox article states... "To paraphrase, the answer my friends truly seems to be blowing in the wind, just as the sun comes up every morning.
I saw a photo of everything that used to be living in that water now floating...yep "dirty" water. Go drink a bunch of that and start reporting honestly.
Tonight's Arlington City Council meeting was a waste of most citizens time relating to gas drilling agenda items-everything was unanimously approved. Our current and proposed gas drilling ordinance doesn't have protective mandates to our airshed. We did not have limits on blowdown events or requirements of vapor recovery units, and we have no restrictions on vaporization units of produced water at compression station sites. Without a strong ordinance, tonights vote allowed 4-5 tons of VOC's per year just for this site. We are in a county that is in severe nonattainment status. So unless your city has a good ordinance, you minus well give it(local control)up to state rule which is as good as "drill baby drill". Arlington has lost their way in mounds of money over public health.
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Oct 28, 2010