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I sent you $2 for this, but after reading PhD_B's comment above, I decided to offset the fees by adding another $0.67, then I realized that I should've actually added $0.68 because I got the fees/percentages out of order. Curse my lousy math skills! Aaaanyway... Great story, as always! I look forward to hearing more from this universe. :)
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My interactions with them were limited to watching Nolan play Rock Band (taking on unoccupied instruments to fill out bands, but always willing to give one up if anyone else wanted it), and watching Ryan doing backflips on the pool deck (where someone asked him to do it over and over, before finally realizing who it was). Oh, and Ryan got you the silver Sharpie to sign my Kindle, which *made* the entire cruise for me. :) It was great to finally "meet" them, after reading/hearing so much about them!
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Jan 10, 2011