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I am now going to fill my wardrobe with one-size-too-big jumpsuits that allow me to not have to squish my boobies into some uncomfortable contraption.
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on Might As Well Jump(suit) at Kingdom Of Style
Another day another jumpsuit. If you listen very carefully you can hear the sound of Queen Marie quitely screaming "noooooooo" inside her mind.... ASOS came up trumps again with another perfectly cut navy jumpsuit, this time with short sleeves, rather... Continue reading
Posted 6 hours ago at Kingdom Of Style
Hi Andrea I'm afraid I don't actually know, we just featured the lamps. Although I'm sure your local hardware store will be able to help you with the right wire. QM
Toggle Commented yesterday on More Tea + Light Vicar? at Kingdom Of Style
Not for nothing is Glasgow called the "Dear Green Place" We have over 90 parks and open spaces. More than any other city the same size! I've been in lots of them, but I'm slightly ashamed to say, not all.... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
Sometimes I feel like we live in an endless sea of black, white, beige and grey - the minimal uniform. The language of slick, chic and safe. Make no mistake, I wish I could be minimal. I wish I was... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
Dust I'm kinda liking here in the coal cellar. It's too dark to look in a mirror and my pesky family haven't figured out I'm in here yet... Queen Marie x
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on A wise man once said... at Kingdom Of Style
The those little collars are just fab. Avenue 32 has a gorgeous orange dress from the label and it had a detachable collar. I am so tempted!
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Viva Vivetti at Kingdom Of Style
Theodore Roosevelt once said - "Comparison is the thief of joy" Boy was he right. Comparing your "gifts" to those of others is one sure way to have you hiding under the duvet. But when the Isabel Marant Resort look... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
Hi Missy Payne. It was actually a lookbook sample they gave me. The dress itself never went into production, this one was the only one
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on You're An Explosion at Kingdom Of Style
Even at my girliest, I'm never particularly feminine. However, I do find myself often craving a more 60's take on the ultra-femme. The shapes are always a bit more interesting than your basic tight-from-top-to-bottom. Show me a cocoon shaped dress... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
Thank you Dust. You always manage to find the silver lining, you wonderfully positive creature that you are x Jen - I know, they look so sad there... x QMichelle - Sad to say, I think they probably jumped and ran under the bed to hide in shame x *sigh* Queen Marie xxx
Not at all. It was yummy! You just always set yourself such high standards. Hell, you could give Marry Berry a run for her money if you decide you are going to start making up your own cakes. And let's be honest, you could NEVER make too many practice cakes. Queen Marie x
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Hare For A Queen at Kingdom Of Style
I can't even talk about the cake. It was just wrong. It was the food colouring that ruined it because it gave the buttercream icing a weird, horrible flavour. I shouldn't have tried to make up my own cake. I'm a cake amateur. It was too soon.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Hare For A Queen at Kingdom Of Style
As Tanja said, Queen Michelle is indeed a lady of many talents!!! I was completely blown away by this little guy, he is so perfect in every way. I was actually rendered speechless ( which doesn't happen very often), there were also tears ( which happens much more often) I honestly can't imagine how she was able to even start doing this. His little bell and ribbon just make him even more adorable. Thank you again Queenie and for my delicious cake too Queen Marie xxxx
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Hare For A Queen at Kingdom Of Style
Gucci? Oooh that's a funny one. If I was to put my hand on my heart and be honest, I have to say, I don't always feel the love for them. Which is funny as when it comes to fashion... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
I highly recommend it Susan. It's really enjoyable. I'm just decided what to create next!
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Hare For A Queen at Kingdom Of Style
As Queen Marie mentioned on Saturday, she decided she wanted us to make each other our birthday gifts this year. When she suggested it, I was a little perplexed as, bless her heart, Queen Marie is not entirely good with... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Kingdom Of Style
Actually, they fell off the bed jacket, lost to the maze that is my bedroom floor, never to be seen again. Well, either they fell or jumped! Poor, sad little pom poms.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2014 on make it, break it or bake it... at Kingdom Of Style
I have a date this afternoon. A date with a cake! Queen Michelle is making me a birthday cake and I am heading South Side for some tea and delicious cake... Last year, we made a birthday pact, to make... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2014 at Kingdom Of Style
Do let me know what you wish to do. I can honestly meet you and take you with me and it won't be as scary. Just as well you didn't come over and say hi though - it might have been a bit awkward as it wasn't me! I've not left my seat all day!
I love a lassie, a bonnie, bonnie lassie She's as pure as the lily in the dell She's as sweet as the heather The bonnie purple heather Mary, ma Scotch bluebell It's funny, but until the Scottish Independence Referendum I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2014 at Kingdom Of Style
PLEASE do not too feel fat or unfit for these classes! We get all shapes, ages and sizes in class. It's honestly for everyone. You are allowed to take class at entirely your own pace. The more flexible among us get different exercises, or slightly modified versions. Believe me, I know how much courage it takes to start a new class, but I'm there and I can chum you! Please do it, because you'll really enjoy it once you get going. Honestly, they are not intimidating at all. You'll get lots out of it. Please come and try once at least? I can meet you first and you can come with me if it makes you feel better?
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes yesterday x As Queen Michelle pointed out The Kingdom is approaching it's 8th birthday!!! Holy Moly, where has the time gone? Even if we had had the gift of second sight, I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2014 at Kingdom Of Style
Short ballet skirts really come to life in poses like this. They look like petals
Yours came off too??? Oh no. Balenciaga never replied to my email so I ended up having to phone them and verbally complain. I've sent them back and they are refunding me so I can just buy a new pair. I most definitely should expect it to happen again then. Pretty crap considering their cost.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2014 on Bring Me Sunshine at Kingdom Of Style