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Let the mock outrage begin.... "But you can't spend night after night saying Fox News is evil and then turn around and capitalize on that evil." Two points here. One, Stewart doesn't say Fox is evil. Empty-headed people do. Second, why not get paid for performing? You do know that Stewart gets paid for his work on the "Daily Show," right? "Don't be in cahoots with someone you hold in contempt." Obviously, Stewart doesn't hold O'Reilly in contempt. His ideas, perhaps, but not the man. "when one defined himself in opposition to the other." This is so wrong, I'm not sure how to respond. You must be thinking of Colbert. Honestly, this post strikes me as coming from a person who hates Fox News (you know, the kind of person to write "Faux News" whenever he/she can) and refuses to allow anyone else to think about it in terms other than "evil" and "contempt."
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Oct 6, 2012