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LOL Bradley's not going to hit 7th or platoon at DH. He's and on-base machine and will hit 3 or 4 and play as much as he is healthy. Of course a big if.
Not sure why so many people thinks the Rangers are winners. Whoopee they signed a couple FA's- a pitcher who will struggle to go 5 innings pitching in Arlington (if he even stays healthy)- and another injury risk average on-base pct guy. They really need a couple high on-base offensive guys.
LOL, it just keeps getting better and better.
HORRIBLE career numbers in Arlington. I remember being at one of the starts where he got bombed. Geesh.
LOL blunder boy Daniels in a time warp again, must think he's trading for pre-surgery chris ray...velocity has dropped from 96 to 93. meatballer deluxe now. I guess he had to top his crazy idea of extreme fly-baller hernandez and his 6.61 FIP. yep, he outdid himself again.
Yeah, you surely don't want McBlister, that's for sure...
LOL blunder boy Daniels at it again...
"An innings eating veteran is exactly what the Rangers are looking for to be able to compete" Not a 12 million dollar average one. Do you really believe that 12 million couldn't be used elsewhere to make the team a lot better than having Millwood ? Serious regression is due for him too.
"The Rangers have no reason to get rid of Nelson Cruz. None." Huh ??????? He's like their only tradeable asset. Not like blunderboy Daniels would know what to do with it anyway. A real GM could easily improve the team by trading him.
"Lineup: C- Tearrgarden 1b- Davis 2b- Kinsler SS- Andrus 3b- Young LF- Murphy CF- Hamilton RF- Cruz DH- Vlad Deadly lineup for already a squad that already was tops in the majors in offense.. now if they all only can add a veteran pitcher" LOL LOL LOL LOL That's probably the worst on base pct lineup in all of MLB.
I hope it gets better than this....: "He's arbitration eligible after making $5.475MM in 2009, and the Phillies can better use that money elsewhere." Other teams can't ? "spoke to a Rangers' official who said the team would be willing to bring Milton Bradley back, however they're not sure they want to deal with "that headache" again." What ???????????? Yeah, and I'd be willing to date my ex-wife again, but... "says the Rays will be looking to make more under-the-radar moves this year. " SHOCKING. LOL.
Jays organization was super good to his BABIP- .368 .393 .332 .457 .600 Hate to see what his numbers would like that if the BABIP happened to normalize...
A year ago the Rangers were begging for anyone to take Millwood off their hands for nothing. Now after one fluke year they aren't interested in moving him for a return AND 12 million in savings ? Jon Daniels classic "sell low, buy high" philosophy.
Why would the Yankees bother to make any trades and have to give up prospects when they can sign whatever free agents they want ?
More bad news. Daniels is horrible at making trades- no deadline deals the last two years, failure to sell high on the catchers, no ability to evaluate talent. I won't even rehash the numrerous total failed trades. Sure he took a superstar and put him out for the highest bidder and got back a couple future stars, but anyone can do that. Let's see something that improves the team for the NOW.
I'm tired of debating the worthlessness of Jonny boy Daniels with the Ranger sheep, but it's good to see someone like Davidoff exclude him from his top 10.
Uggh. Pretty much guarantees 2 more years of no playoffs for the Rangers. Can't wait to see us counter by re-singning andruw jones or maybe bringing back sammy sosa.
It doesn't matter. They can't afford to let Lackey get away, and they know it.
"Freel is joining his fifth organization in the last ten months." LOL perfect Ranger pickup. They don't even play Borbon everyday, arleady have Esteban German, yet they pick up this spare.
Yikes, The Rangers AT LEAST should have claimed him to block the Angels or Red Sox. Another blunder for the blunder boy GM.
"He left the impression that he didn't care about winning a championship. He left the impession that he was a stupid, selfish loser." He was negotiating to get what he wanted, big deal.
.325 OBP for an OF stinks, and I wouldn't say 15 HR's shows "lots of power". Rangers need to purge themselves of all the low OBP guys they have.
Purke made his demands known before the draft. The Rangers shouldn't have drafted him if they didn't like it. That's why guys drop, SEE JUSTIN SMOAK !
Ramirez has been hurt and was struggling against minor leaguers down in Arizona where he was re-habbing. Someone suggested he wasn't even ready to return to AAA yet.
Even if Bell got through the NL, no way the Rays, Rangers, and Red Sox would let him slide to the Angels. It's impossible.