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Kirk Foote
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when Wil's head explodes after the Kings win I will be sad, for there will be no more tabletop or other Wil Wheaton awesomeness. C'mon Devils think of the children. Do you want Anne to be a widow with two sons?
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on GO KINGS GO!! at WWdN: In Exile
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Happy Birthday. My 40th birthday is on this tuesday. Thank you for being awesome and sharing it with me (and everyone else). Being just a year older than you I relate very well to many of your stories, because they are also my stories. Growing up with Star Wars and Star Wars Toys, going to actual video arcades. These are the same things I did as I was growing up. For a long time I was a Wesley Crusher hater, but now that I have gotten to know the person (even if just through reading your blog, and 30 seconds at Gen Con last year) rather than the character I look back and actually enjoy many of the Wesley episodes. I am also now a Leverage addict, and will probably go back and start watching Eureka from the beginning. I also strive to not be a dick, although it is hard sometimes. Thank you for teaching me to be a better person. I hope you have many more very Happy Birthdays.
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UPS bent me over after GenCon last year. They destroyed about $1000 worth of games and miniatures I tried to ship home including signed irreplaceable items that wouldn't fit in my luggage. Then refused to pay out the insurance. I shipped them from the UPS store so UPS wouldn't even talk to me saying I wasn't the customer and I had to deal with the UPS store 1500 miles away who has no incentive to do anything on my behalf. I hate UPS. The TSA guys and airport people got my luggage home to me with no damage to anything I packed in it.
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May 31, 2011