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Hello Darren, Nice post indeed, ... On an academic level your definition is spot on. I kinda simplify things to help groups focus in more. It's funny, I find myself reiterating your key points every other day with clients. It's stunning how many Presidents and CEOs simply don't understand the fundamentals of branding. The gap is in the touchy feely stuff. A logo is tangible, hence that becomes understood as the brand by leaders. However, getting them to consider how they might create a "feeling" behind the brand, they get lost somewhat. It's too much of a departure from operations and analytics. The "feeling" is really 90% in my view when it comes to "what is brand". A brand is what the consumer thinks the brand is, based on the feelings they have when interacting with it. Brands aren't human of course, but we place visual constructs, product and people behind them to solicit specific interactions that cause consumers to respond emotionally. Successful brands are able to create a consistent experience, allowing the consumer to have (hopefully) a consistent emotional response. Brand guys like myself are always focused on appealing to the senses. Cheers, Kirk Robinson
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Mar 31, 2011