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Mmm. Satisfying aperitif to hard conversations this week. Yummy. Thank you :).
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2010 on Short Fiction: 239 Sycamore St. at WWdN: In Exile
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I just posted on my blog a thought I'd been fermenting for a while. I still didn't get it quite right, but I think it resonates to this post. Brief clip, without all the personal rambling ;) ... "A while back I was pondering this. Why do I, and so many other people, love geeks? "And I came up with this answer: to be a geek, you have to love something so much and so honestly that you pursue or "fan" or talk about or geek out about this thing--depsite *knowing* that this thing is a thing that is considered a social fail, by all the people who "matter." And the emotional and intellectual honesty is irresistible in this world of political and media and educational lies and slick marketing. Not only irresistible, but clearly a vital and saving counter-force." * * * * * Give Younger Will a break ;). Part of the reason he was lovable was because he was a geek. None of us (and probably not you either, if you really dig deep about it) would have preferred him to be one of the guys who always knew exactly what would be "cool" to say, "cool" to dress in, "cool" to do. You just loved life a little more honestly than society is comfortable with. You win. (And so, so did the rest of us. A little more win all the time :).)
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:). "Great guy that gives me reason to trust again just may be the trick to getting past this fear." so true. congratulations on finding him :).
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ooowwwwch :( I hope you have fun boating ... I manifested my avoidance of the trauma (I later realized ;) ) by moving my swimming activities to primarily non-chlorinated, or at least outdoor, bodies of water (ocean, lakes, creeks, an occasional private pool), and quite had fun taking a week-long learn-to-sail camp in 8th grade, so perhaps it will be a freedom experience for you :). I had to work past my aversion to chlorine so I could be a decent example to my kids when it came time for swimming lessons (non-optional as far as I am concerned)--the things a parent will do for their kids!!!
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I can't quite find words to describe how I felt reading this. It resonated with younger-me being removed from the waterslide-line at the local pool because I wasn't really a strong enough swimmer to recover and get back to the wall 100% safely (they were right, and I knew I was pushing it at the time, but ... ). It resonated with the struggles I watched my brothers and my male peers try to navigate as they grew up. And it resonated with how often the social world seems to not notice or not care when it cracks a piece of someone's soul ... and then blames them for being dysfunctional. And righteously "corrects" them : P. I am not nearly as dysfunctional as that all made me sound ;) ... but the honesty of your writing was vibrant enough to spike an awareness of who and how I used to be. 'Glad u r having a good time in my hometown :).
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w00tstock 2.1 training to the rescue .. or, cue, anyhow: arrrrrr :( ..... I hope you feel up again soon.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on dejected arr at WWdN: In Exile
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OMG that was so awesome. Thank you. I am a SAHM mom of four little kids (my ex generously watched them for me--because I found w00tstock first ;)! ). Friday night a friend was asking how I ever relaxed (since I refuse to do it with alcohol) ... w00tstock kept me laughing so hard I cried, and seemed to do the job. I'm *still* more relaxed, 4 days later ... Audience participation: it's not just Rocky Horror, y'gotta watch out on the songs, too ... I doubt I was the only person trying to sing along with Conjunction Junction (which I own on CD and video "for my kids") ... If you guys wanted to lessen your total workload (4+ hours two nights in a row, ouch! for you!) by splitting the tour or making it more local-talent focused or something, I have a possible in on Lego geeks (I'm softening him up right now) and I know another very funny Microsoft geek. (I was a little surprised Lego got only one brief--but funny--mention all night long, is why I started thinking outside the box you guys so beautifully filled to overflowing already.) Dr. Demento might also have some contacts that could expand your sets in various locales (Yes, I do like novelty songs, why do you ask?) ... and I won't try to impinge on you-all's process any more than that unless asked. 'Promise :).
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May 12, 2010