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I'm still annoyed at the fact that I can't stay signed in to my Gmail account and my YouTube account at the same time. They aren't the same thing, I don't WANT to link them, and I don't want to have to log out of email every time I want to use YouTube with my proper username, favourites etc.
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Sadly as they've already made the decision to be a dick (or dickette), by stealing from you, I doubt they'll listen. It's a crappy thing to do, though. Look, people, this is how it works - when you find someone's stuff, you return it. It is not a 'free toy' or an opportunity to screw them over. Why do some people just not grasp this?
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As a complete theatre and sci-fi nerd, I now need that t-shirt. Just saying. Also, I can't believe nobody has made a parody of that song now.
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Thank you for posting this. Like a lot of people, I hoped you'd feel able to share some of the reunion with us. The thing is, Stand By Me is one of those films. The ones where, if someone is around your age, you just assume they've seen it. It's part of the collective consciousness, part of what makes us us. Even though the majority of the people who watched and loved it will never meet any of the cast, there's always that feeling of connection, and of wanting to feel that the film meant a lot to you, too. Hearing about something like this is sort of like getting a letter from someone you knew a long time ago, and very welcome even though it's also sad.
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I thought it might be Fringe when you mentioned the audition. Sorry you didn't get it, but somehow I think it might just happen another time, you'd be a great fit on that show. Now, of course, I'm going to be guessing every time a new character appears - was that the one? How about that one? Maybe that one?
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Heh. I especially like the cheesy grin at the end of #1. I used to work as an extra (before all of the TV production around here sort of fizzled out) and a regular conversation with new people was "Why are you bringing a book with you?" "You'll see." Of course it depended where we were - if we were being held anywhere within eyeshot of filming, that was way more interesting to watch than reading a book! It must be very different to be one of the real actors, but it looks like if anything the waiting time is much, much longer!
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Sep 27, 2010