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As a nerd and scientist I heartily approve. As a teacher I have spent a long time talking to parents who push their boys in science and computing but if I mention that their daughter is flagging / excelling get a 'that's alright' or 'really, I don't think she'll be continuing THAT at college'. I was OBSESSED with technic lego as a kid, that and crafty things. I'm lucky that my parents went with my science bent, just as my socio-political brother was supported. We were never encouraged to swap to more traditional gender lines, but then the princess thing wasn't as big when I was a child. Let your kids find their passion - regardless of the colour of the toys - please?! It'll make for much more comfortable parents meetings at least!!
My thoughts about Chris Brown are mostly unrepeatable. I have been that girl before... I wish more people spoke up about the fact that the music industry is celebrating a man who has never apologised or even acknowledged that he did wrong other than in a court mandated manner. Eminem wrote and performed 'Love the Way you Lie' because he realised that he had been wrong in the past. I read an interview where he spoke, movingly, on how becoming the father of a little girl changed him - he never wanted her to see him violent or end up in a relationship with a man like he had been... this is a man who has changed, apologised and moved on - emotionally and physically from the violence, Chris Brown has not. I also want to say this... I am a committed Christian, my faith sustains me... and I cannot help my shudder when people who have not read and/or understood the basic maxim of Christ claim him... Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and with all your strength the second is love your neighbour as yourself - there is nothing greater than these... not exactly consistent with the idiots who post c**p... who show hate and not love.. who let prejudice stop them from seeing what is right I'll get off my soapbox now and just say thank you. K
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Feb 16, 2012