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I'm going to post my 2 cents. I started on Perl and switched to PHP because Perl wasn't threadsafe. PHP worked just fine threaded, but ultimately php-fpm became standard, to get PHP out of the memory space of the web server and make it independant. Much of the crying about PHP has to do with it being a cPanel out-of-the-box install and nothing more. For example, out of the box there is no opcode cache, and cheap hosts don't set the opcode cache large enough to actually get a good hit rate for Wordpress (which requires more than 56MB to function) On top of the RAM requirement (which can require 128MB just to do one thing.) Wordpress and Mediawiki are some of the most obnoxiously programmed PHP applications in use, yet they are the most popular. If someone wants to come up with a winning replacement for PHP, come up with a new language that automatically works in threads. So far nobody has done this in an elegant and easy to understand way. Hell most Apache installs still use inefficient pre-fork because that's just what most linux defaults are.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
Yes, that's pretty much what happened. Mobile Device and OS fragmentation not withstanding. Adobe's mistake started when they started pushing flash as a video delivery system, throwing all the good parts aside. Had flash simply been left to vector animations, we'd have clean 3MB animations to download instead of 50MB videos full of compression artifacts. The tiny vector animation files would have been perfect on mobile devices. But no, instead authors now have to upload 3GB versions of their 3MB animation files to youtube just to maintain the visual quality of the source. Another reason Adobe fell flat on it's face is that the majority of websites with advertisements use flash, so a single page might have 20 some odd flash animations running, some playing video. That's why the batteries get drained. So Apple says "HTML5 only", which then forces the hand of all the ad networks and ad revenue supported sites to fix their sites properly or get no revenue at all. But hey, Adobe isn't all bad, they originally supported SVG and then bought Macromedia when SVG wasn't taking off as a flash killer. Now they killed flash, time to go back to SVG which is now supported by all the mainstream browsers.
I live in Vancouver, I went to Emerald City Comiccon. Yes taking Amtrak was longer, but when you take into account the screening hassle of flying, it was faster and much cheaper to take the train. Vancouver to Seattle. Guess how much time is spent in the security area to take the train? 30 seconds as your bag goes through the x-ray machine. No metal detectors, no backscatter machines, no TSA, no "arrive 2 hours before your flight." Just a brief stop at the border for the border officials to ask where you're going. Also about 30 seconds. Now this makes sense for the short-haul trips, but North America is still decades behind the rest of the world in high speed rail. I priced out a ticket for Vancouver to San Diego: 206$ and 48 hours on Amtrak. Yeah no thanks. 712$ for a 3hour flight or 308$ for a 5 and a half hour flight. We'd need a 500km/h maglev to be competitive with air travel.
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