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Kishore Jethanandani
San Francisco, California
Interests: Photography, Reading, Yoga and Meditation, Outdoors, Cooking
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Mar 15, 2010
Medical innovation was barely mentioned in a year of discussion on health care reform. This is like discussing food without mentioning nutrition. Much of the value of medicine stems from medical innovation. Basic care can provide protection against everyday infections, injuries and procedures like delivering babies. The significant gains in life expectation today require more specialized care like heart or cancer treatment or cures for genetic illnesses. Will socialized medicine maintain America’s leading role in medical innovation? Continue reading
Given the spectacular growth in productivity over the last two years, the recovery in profits could have been faster than normal and would have propelled higher levels of investment. Continue reading
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Jan 6, 2010
First, the individual mandate for auto-insurance does not require drivers to pay for comprehensive insurance. They only need to pay for the minimum level of liability coverage Continue reading
The elderly can take care of their health needs if they are able to save money in their health care accounts over their working life. Continue reading