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Kit Laughlin
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@ Mike and David: and don't forget that the M-dash does not reproduce correctly in some browsers, so instead of my preferred symbol—this one—I use the space-hyphen x 2-space convention too in emails and on forums like this one. I feel this is preferable to the N-dash spaces option suggestion above, only because all browsers will reproduce spaces hyphens correctly; some have the M-dash problem with N-dashes, too (top bit set ASCII characters, IIRC). I too have an S90 with the Freniac grip; a tiny marvel as a combination. Very good images; I was once able to shoot a job in the Cayman Islands (images of a nursery for a web site) for a friend when I didn't have one of my 'real' cameras with me. DPP corrects the lens distortion brilliantly, as well. I agree with the posters above who think the LX5 will address the limitations I experienced with the LX3, and I have already bought the EVF from a second-hand GF-1 to fit it, so hopefully the best of both worlds. By all accounts, HCB worked as described above, but lesser mortals like a viewfinder (even a not particularly good one) from time to time, and at least EVFs frame accurately. As well, they don't stop the use of the camera without framing, and I have used the LX3 this way many times for people candids.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Canon Announces the S95 at The Online Photographer
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Aug 26, 2010