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The universe is weird in how common the threads of lives can be. I always wanted a shot at what you and Anne have and I've been lucky enough to have it with my guy, Jim and his son Q and now our twins. Not going to lie it is damn tough to go from single to what I am now- a Mom of twins and a parental figure to Jim's son (and in only 19 months!). Q has it tough. I can't go into details but half of his life is not fair. His teenage years are going to be hard for him and us. All I want for Q is to be happy and healthy despite all the negative attacks he hears constantly from his Mom and her horrible family. We are trying everything to make Q sucessful and your sons make me hopeful that we'll suceed.
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I salute you sir and if you are ever stranded between Sandusky and Cleveland and need a rescue beer- I'll be sure to get one to you. Side note... the gamer in me totally giggled at obfuscate and I crossed my arms. #Youcantseeme #gamergirlnerd
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Totally didn't even think about that possibility. Yeesh. Glad it turned out okay and this AB Ale is for you! Also Ryan you rule.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on in which a good person is kind at WWdN: In Exile
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Hey did you hear about ? Kidding. Just in to say I miss Bobby the Matt and Spudnuts. -MKF
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Apr 1, 2010