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2 time MLS Champion
Interests: Soccer, video games, women, sushi.
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If you watch closely you will see that Cooper actually stepped on top of the ball and that's why he fell.
Go Dynamo!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Go Dynamo!
Bring Ching's goals for USMNT
Ching can dribble, move the ball, pass and shoot. And forwards don't take corner or free kicks, that's for midfielders. Adam, do you even know how to play soccer?
Have you seen how many times he's fouled but never gets the call? It's ridiculous. Ching's a warrior plain & simple. Sure, I'd like for him to score a zillion goals everytime but who wouldn't? It's all about the little things. Bradley knows this, that's why he likes Ching. It's all the little things that Ching does with and off the ball. He's also the type of forward that comes back to help defend when necessary. Usually because of some lazy midfielder like Clint Dempsey.
Go Dynamo!
Go Dynamo!
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2010 on MLS Week Five: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
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Apr 23, 2010