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Hello! Our entire family went to the Minneapolis w00tstock last night at the Guthrie. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great evening! Words can't describe. We had a fantastic time - laughed our a$$es off. It really was like coming home to be so entertained by nerds of our *ehem* age group. Please tell me that w00tstock 3.0 isn't far off! Two things: 1. The special appearance, no matter how brief, by Neil Gaiman was a REAL treat. 2. Have you considered Marian Call ( for as a future musical act? Her "Nerd Anthem" and other songs from her latest album are available to hear for free on her site. She'd be a great fit.
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That's eerie weird. My son and I just joked about that the other day... and neither one of us has seen that strip!
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I have several friends who've done voice work with direction like, "Could you sound taller?" or "Could you sound more... tan?" It's a tough, challenging industry and those who are successful at it deserve their kudos. One thing I've found particularly irritating in recent years is the increase in "big name" actors doing the voices for animated movies or television shows. An actor who is handsome / pretty and charismatic on screen can display very little personality when depending on voice alone. I've often thought as I listened, "That was the best take you had?" Thanks for speaking up on this one, Wil.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2008 on regarding voice acting . . . at WWdN: In Exile
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