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Yes chuck winning and progress are linked. But one has to understand the context of the scorelines to determine whether they're indicative of progress or not. For example beating Spain, competing with Brazil in Confed Cup final, or tying Argentina in the recent freindly were good results. However, anyone with half a soccer brain should know better. Furthermore, yes France has been an example of an underachiever when considering the rank of their players. But let's look at the general rule. Specifically, that the roster of ALL the heavyweight soccer powers play in the top clubs in the top leagues. That is a good metric of where our game stands. So if new coaching at the youth and senior national teams can identify the truly talented in this country, then those players should be able to crack more prestigious club rosters. Results will follow ...
Good stuff Jeff. But in one area, you are making the same mistake as the vast majority. That is, that any coach would be working with the same player pool. NO WAY! The player pool that exists now would get obliterated by any coach who understands international player quality. Maybe a handful of guys would survive, the rest would never be called up again. This pool that has been established by very limited scouts and coaches over the years is filled with junk. The assumption that these are the best in our country is completely wrong. People tend to think this way, because the assumption is that the cream rises to the top. Well, it doesn't. Obviously I can't prove to anyone here that my assertions above are true. Until an elite level coach, like Bielsa, takes over, the truth will not be uncovered.
What are the expectations? That is key. A long term developmental view is what's required, not an immediate results-based approach. Our entire philosophy is wrong - from what is a quality player to how a team should play. That is what elite level management at all those levels you mention can bring. It's a process. How one plays, and at what level our NT players play with their clubs is the best metric for projecting long-term progress. If the new management can implement a discernible style and select players of true quality who then end up actually playing at top flight clubs in the best leagues, then that's a good measure of progress! Getting to the WC quarters, semis, or final in this cycle is the wrong mentality. Stop looking at the score-lines.
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Jun 30, 2011