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willie anderson, deltha o'neil, todd wade, fernando bryant, and jerome mcdougle would all be great additions and provide awesome depth at their positions. sure they are all aging vets but lets face it, we have some bottom feeders that will never amount to anything in the NFL. johnny, yea lelie is an intruiging thought, but wr's that come to miami whether they had success elsewhere or not never work out. just ask derrius thompson, david boston, marty booker, among others. (yes i know booker led the team a couple years but look at his production with just as terrible pass offense in chicago before coming to miami.)
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i like the idea of claiming anderson as well. he would help provide depth in a much needed area. also i think we should look at deltha oneil who was also released by the bengals. hes not a starter but he would make a good nickel or dime back to come in and make a big play. any thoughts?
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