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Im Obi-Wan
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See!! Wil is cool as H*LL!!!
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I agree by the way, it TOTALLY belongs in the Fiend Folio.
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Hello Wil, I am a NEW reader!! I saw your post a little while back asking to let you know when new readers come on board so here I am. Wish I knew about Jo Jo sooner, not your fault of course. Thank you for scouting out all the great stuff we as geeks can get/buy/consume since those of us that work 60-80 hours a week don't have time to sniff it out and barely have time to enjoy it!!! I have found that everything you have recommeded that I have been able to read about has been great!! Excelent critical thinking and analysis on everyday life and general topics of geek interest. Your humorous stories have turned various forms of liquids into projectiles shooting out of my upper orifices!!! The cat poop story was BRILLIANT! I have never thought about going to a con, but you make me want to go. Especially for the really fun game play you have written about. Thank you also for being you and putting all this hard work into letting us get to know you. Sincerely, Obi-Wan Kenobi
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Feb 26, 2012