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I really hope this does not mean you may stop blogging all together. I check your blog first every time I pick up my mac... I loved finding 4 posts to read today when I refreshed my browser. and just like my 4 month old, the internet/software/whatever gets cranky every once in awhile, and you just have to put up with it. Everything will be find if you ignore it for a few moments/cuddle it/or tell it to knock it off. Best wishes and enjoy your spring ;)
Toggle Commented May 1, 2011 on Life Is Too Short at Now Norma Knits
Wonderful videos. I was also wondering why our politicians (like the President and congress) don't take a pay cut? They make almost as much as those CEO's we keep seeing in the news. All government officials should be making just about as much as some of the teachers here in WI make (which for the crappy teachers I've meet is a LOT of money). OR in all cases, there should be a pay for performance incentive. Don't balance the budget = minimum wage ;)
eh ghads! those shoes! I just bought a new pair of New Balance - Nike's are too narrow for my feet. I thought about trying the C25K program, but my baby stroller wobbles when I walk fast, and jars Nadia hither and yon. And my knees are tracking off... So I'll stick with walking for now. I am glad to hear that you are having a good time with it. REALLY makes me want to try running again. BUT you also make me want a dog now too. Insane. I want a rough coated Brussels Griffin - just like the one from the movie As Good As It Gets. So cute. And the perfect size for a baby to get used to a dog... But we need to move first... Oh well. Someday ;) I can live with storied and walking pictures of Mr. J for now. Enjoy your spring!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2011 on Week 4: Running Free at Now Norma Knits
I just saw the Audio book on Audible! WOW! She wrote this book rather fast, considering it took her eons to write 4 and 5. I have re read the series many times. I figured out why some of it was SO predictable. She re used pages and paragraphs of text to describe everything... I would skip across the descriptions of the plains and the tundra and all the flora. Literally PAGES copied over and over from one book to the next. Drove me nuts. BUT, I still loved reading them when book 5 came out. I re read the whole series and then read book 5. Ill read book 6 before I buy the audio books. Although, I have a huge collection of books I just bought, and it seems like it takes me forever to listen to them. However, I listen to them when I am knitting. That's why I bought them. It helps give me knitting time and think - better than watching TV or a movie. I did it pregnant, and now I do it during Nadia's nap time. WONDERFUL! (she tries to stay awake if we watch movies - even with head phones in) Listening to Diana Gabalden right now ;) - still have to finish reading the last book, but I misplaced it sometime in early pregnancy...
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2011 on Friday, No Foolin' at Now Norma Knits
Yikes! You should set up a word of the day calendar or something. That would be neat ;) Finally get to sit down and catch up reading your blog while Nadia sleeps. Wonderful! Love Mr. J. Makes me want a puppy soo bad... but we have to wait until the baby is older and one child closer to out of the house I think... Better for the cats that way! BTW, you should see out snow piles! They look like molten rock like in that asteroid movie Armageddon. I should take pictures....
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Occupational Hazard at Now Norma Knits
OMG! I can NOT believe that I won something! Nadia is sitting in her swing making some sort of baby discontent noises - she had her first set of shots today, so I'm sure the yarn will make her feel so much better! I know I feel pretty darn excited! Sorry about your DC trip. We are supposed to get 5-8 inches tonight and who knows what else... At least you get to spend more time with Mr. J! He makes me want a dog. I miss walking my moms dog. Well, I had better email you ;) doing the happyomgijustgotyarndance!
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on Grounded at Now Norma Knits
OMG. I think I am more impressed with the Bison! I have yet to knit with any, and LOVE bamboo. My mother just bought me 14 skeins of alpaca bamboo from the yarn conference near her (used to be in the Oakland convention center, not sure where it is now...) - looking forward to trying that. Mr. J. is a very smart guy to throw in that kitty mug. It is very very cute. I would almost want it too, however, I inherited a whole drawer of coffee mugs, and I don't drink coffee, nor can I find any decent tea in WI. I never thought about posting multiple times... It would increase your stats, but it smacks of cheating to me ;p My 11 year old daughter is finally figuring out her little singer knitting machine :) The knitting loom didn't gratify her fast enough - she needs instant gratification...10 minutes is best she can do, but now 10 minutes of slow (very slow) cranking and she gets somewhere cool. I can't wait till she figures out how to Cast on and off by herself ;P I hope to teach her how to knit with needles someday... I am crossing my fingers my newborn will pick it up via osmosis and surprise me some day knitting at or before age 4 like me :)
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2011 on B- at Now Norma Knits
I totally get what you mean about voices. Mine (gasp) are starting to come back after 9 months of incubating our little protozoa... I find myself walking ALL over the house trying to remember what it was I wanted to do, that was SO important to leave the baby sleeping in her swing to get from the bedroom, and why on earth am I standing in front of the open fridge? ... Did you say cashmere? drool city. I found your blog BTW while googling baby sock patterns, and you had this most wonderful post about sizes and it made me laugh so hard at 9-10 months pregnant. Everyone kept telling me I was making baby socks too small, so I ripped them all out... I'd have like 10 pairs by now if I had found your post sooner! I'll try to comment more often ;) Ive been knitting for (gasp) 27 or so years... and only started to read about EZ in the last 5... Not sure what to think about her yet, but maybe I'll look at that book next time I see it. Stay Warm! (im about frozen...missing those pregnancy hormones)
What a great idea! I'd love a chance at your drawing, and now I have a nice new bookmark to read your blog.
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Dec 17, 2010