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People have had enough of their natural law right hijacked..
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As the generation most brain washed and damage from the lies of yellow journalism leave the scene and the morality police and the addiction of the prohibition Industry continue the evils they are doing have done and will do to keep their cash cow milking, violating people natural law rights and civil rights. They will continue to be ante science and on the wrong side of History. There has never been any legitimate reason that it should every of been made illegal in the first place I say to them do your own research not the can of lies you feed the ignorant. Florida needs Medical now.
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KANEH BOSM IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF GENESIS One of the most popular works suggesting that cannabis is part of the Bible is written by the Polish etymologist Dr. Sula Benet. The original Hebrew word Kaneh Bosm should be etymologically related to what we now call cannabis. It has mistakenly been translated as calamus, an nother plant which is useless. Holy Anointing Oil Recipe This anointing oil recipe is found the Bible in Exodus 30:23 Myrrh "five hundred shekels" (about 1 gallon) Cinnamon "two hundred and fifty shekels" Calamus "two hundred and fifty shekels" Cassia "five hundred shekels" Olive Oil "an hin" (about 1 1/3 gallons)
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This past Sunday at a gathering of family and friend I presented the petition and I agree this petition leave out allot because it does not allow for home grows which will put many unable to afford it. But what got me, was not the ones in their 80's but one the family members who was bragging about all the money she is making as a psychologist until I confronted her about legalizing medical and she was against it when we have partaken many times in the past, when it downed on me court ordered rehab. When given the choice prison or Rehab, what would you pick? Drug rehab is as much as 80% of her business. this is only one of the many high paying prohibition jobs out there that straddles family's with debt and ruination. Its a civil rights issue to me but with so many sick and dying people in Florida that could benefit from medical cannabis, if it were not for selfish and ignorant reasons they block it.
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Aug 15, 2013