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Chris Kodawe
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I am a parent of an autistic diagnosed child. My son is now five years old, he was diagnosed at the age of three. I know this is a controversial issue, and as with most controversial issues there or truths on both sides of this dispute. One thing I do know is that I know my child. As with most parents I know what every facial expression means. I know by the look on his face if he is sad, I know if he is happy, I know if he is mad, I know if he does not feel good. I also know that I watched my child change they day he had his vaccination, never to be the same again. This once happy, giggling carefree child within hours of his vaccinations changed. He became distant, irritated, irrational and inconsolable. He would not longer look us in the eyes as he done just days earlier. The hardest part of this journey has been the blatant disregard as we told people what we witnessed our child change in the blink of an eye. They claim that the vaccinations are safe and that it is just coincidence, and that we have made this up so that we have someone or something to blame for our child’s diagnosis. I have had people tell me that I hate my child for his issues and that is why I am looking to blame someone. I had no idea that people could be so cold and heartless when a parent is crying out for help, by talking about what we saw in our child just hours after his vaccinations. We are not the only parents who have seen this happen. I speak with more and more of them every day. For my full story and many other parent stories pertaining to vaccination damage please visit I applaud the media for reporting in an unbiased manner when I see articles such as this one. Thank you!
Well I am one of these parents that watched their child change after a vaccination. I know my child inside and out, I know what I witnessed in my child after his vaccination and it pisses me off to have some person that does not know me or my child tell me that what I witnessed is not real. I spend every possible minute with my children do you? Mr. Pro vax for no reason other than you buy into following the heard of sheep. I care about my kids and you are not jabing another one of mine I'll tell you that right now!
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Sep 13, 2011