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Charles Stross has a fairly good once-over of ebooks, especially pricing but also layout: TL;DR version: you want someone to work to preserve the layout of your ebook. Who pays them to do that if the ebook is priced at the marginal cost of production? I have an e-ink reader, and the small screen size is an issue, but AFAIK that's a manufacturing issue - bigger screens are available but cost a lot more. So I haven't bought one. PDF rendering is pretty reasonable, but it's really not a good format for a device that excels in the "pulp paperback" niche. e-ink has lower contrast than good paper, it's black and white, but there's nothing else that puts two weeks of solid reading into something with the frontal area of a trade paperback but 10mm thick. For reading coffee table books I really think you want something like the iPad3 - colour, backlit (for more contrast), high resolution. Now all we need is decent screen size, because if anything is obvious about the coffee table book market it's that trade paperback is not the size that sells. Pricing... doesn't bother me very much. For what we get at the moment (automatically converted with no checking) I think that free is often overpriced. But once the process is tidied up and ebooks are a designed output it gets a lot better. And worth paying for. I'm using an online e-magazine site for some of the foreign magazines I buy, and the high-res versions of their PDF's are very much worth while. Sure, you really need a 20" portrait screen to read them on, but I have one of those. And when those screens get to be a decent resolution the PDFs are already shipping with enough pixels to cope (image-heavy magazines so there are a lot of embedded jpeg/png blobs, but the output res seems to be a page ~3000 pixels high). And no DRM, bar the "must be able to run a PDF reader" requirement. Unfortunately with ExactEditions that's entirely up to the magazine publisher - they generate the PDF, EE just host it. But it is working, and for an early adopter it's usable. I expect that process will be cleaned up a lot as interest increases.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
I would struggle a little with 2 because I can only infrequently publish my code. However I have done a couple of presentations to user groups that are online, and I have a collection of StackOverflow accounts (one per employer). It's not a completely unreasonable requirement, but it does suggest that you're hiring at the top of the market. Whether that's a top 5% graduate or a top 5% senior software engineer, it means you're going to have to pay a premium to get those people interested. Point 6 would wipe out pretty much every non-Merkin programmer I know. It's a very USA-centric thing, and possibly even US-startup specific. And I do wonder if you're selecting for people who are likely to quit on short notice because their out-of-hours project got funded.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2012 on How to Hire a Programmer at Coding Horror
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