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Kojimotohume added a favorite at Kokochi
Apr 8, 2013
Awesome post. "Anyway, ultimately, I want to celebrate interracial marriage and the idea that people shouldn't love and marry on the basis of somebody's race without diminishing the idea that marrying somebody with whom I can share my cultural identity is also something to celebrate. Am I asking too much?" I married out to a caucasian man. Prior to that my Japanese father married my Chinese mother. I was raised to be anti-racist, feminist, free thinking, an activist. Growing up I felt it difficult to find people who shared my cultural identity as a Japanese-Chinese hybrid. I was never "enough" to really fit in. Before I met my husband, I tended to date either Asians or mixed race men. While I usually had some shared cultural identity with them, they did not share an overall cultural identity with me. In my white husband, I've found someone who is much more open, in my opinion, to my mixed cultural background as well as to my socio-political views. So while I married out for love, I feel that I also found someone who understands, accepts, and celebrates my cultural identity as much as someone who actually, genetically shared my cultural identity. Thanks for the thought provoking post.
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David if you look at any thing generally enough there is some truth. If I know 50 whites, and 25 of them are bad drivers, I too could generalize that whites are bad drivers. That's why stereotypes are bad. People use them as truth and not as generalizations. Are "positive" stereotypes good because they are positive? I would argue that they are just as harmful. Asians in general may not appear to be as oppressed as other races, but that doesn not mean there isn't more subtle forms of oppression at work. In different parts of the US, I'm sure the stastics of racial profiling by police on Asians varies. Anectdotally, when I went to college Davis, CA police tended to pull over young, Asian males driving specific types of cars frequently (souped up civics, integras, etc.). It seems to me if celebrities are still making slant eyes in photographs, saying stupid shit in "sing-song" style voices, etc., racism against Asians is alive and well and affects us all. Are we better off than other ethnicities? Do we benefit from some of the stereotypes? Perhaps. But if history teaches us anything, racism against Asian ethnicities goes in cycles. Just prior to the gold rush, Chinese in America were called "Celestials" and America loved having them. When the gold rush busted, public sentiment shifted and Chinese were called "Orientals" or worse and despised. Just because we may be in this period of being the "good" minority, doesn't mean we will be forever. Racism altogether needs to be stamped out.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Looking at Racism Anew at Kimchi Mamas
Beyond cute. That is so wonderful that Peanut developed such a strong bond with another child. They can be pen pals once Dane moves away. Thanks for the super sweet story. It brightened up this particularly dreary SF morning.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Child Brides and Boyhood Crushes at MetroDad
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Jun 3, 2010
Ochazuke is probably one of my favorite rice dishes. Comfort food for the Japanese in me. Some rice, some takuan, some nori with steaming genmai cha.
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Apr 26, 2010