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This has nothing to do with the Mars Landing but it's your latest post and I wanted to share something with you. We (my daughter and I) got bored watching the horse jumping on NBC so we started to wander through the channels. Stand By Me happens to be on right now so I stopped and thought I'd watch for awhile. Haven't seen it in a bit. My daughter is now sitting at her little table (she's 3 1/2), chin in her hands, elbows on the table, eyes wide completely enthralled. Some stars burn bright, some stars burn out...but some are there always, any time you look up. They're always up there, like an old friend just waiting to help you reorient yourself. Even after all this time, you're still relevant. Just thought maybe you'd like to know that. (Hope you had a good birthday)
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My daughter turned 3 last month so I've only just started on this road. Lately, as her sponge of a brain gets more and more full I've started to wonder (worry) about what kind of mother I'll be and what kind of person I'll help her to become. I decided that the best thing that I could do was to try to help her become the type of person who worries about what kind of parent they'll be and hopes they can help their own children be the best type of people they can be. And so on. And so on. In the spirit of that mindset, as many others with much more influence in your life have said, I think that you've done an amazing job and you have every right in the world to not only be proud of them but to take no small amount of credit for what they put out into the world. Well played, sir. Well played.
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Jun 20, 2010