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You need to add http:// to the links. Glad to hear your Mom and sis have figured this out!
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Fascinating! This reminds me of the story from 1264, when the retiring emperor of China held a feast. His mother, the Empress Dowager Gong Sheng sat in a chair in a high position, and a 'ground rat' firework went astray and zoomed right at her. Startled, she stood up, gathered her skirts, and stopped the feast. Her son had the pyrotechnic officers held, to await the Empress Dowager's judgment the next day. He apologized the next morning and took responsibility for the careless act. She laughed, and said that it frightened her badly, since it seemed to come directly at her. 'But it was probably an unintentional mistake, so it can be forgiven.' So, your error was about as old as fireworks. :-) (Source: Gunpowder epic, Volume 5, Page 7 By Joseph Needham)
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Jul 4, 2010