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So seeing as how Mackenzie King is on both sides of the scale, we can safely assume it doesn't matter who is in charge.
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Dear Wil, you are right as usual, however, in times past punk kids such as these could have at least gotten a decent job working at a factory somewhere and be able to provide a middle class lifestyle for their families. While education and "white collar" jobs is an admirable goal, these things are not for everyone. Before globalization, it didn't have to be. Now, in America, we are creating a permanent underclass. The children of these children will not be able to afford college. Also we have such a vast amount of surplus workers that everything requires at least a 2 year diploma, regardless of the utility of that education. You want to answer the phone at a dentist's office? You'll need to rack up $40,000 of student debt to learn how to do that. I admit it is tempting to mock these dumb kids who wasted their highschool years, no doubt they did. But now they have a whole life sentence of soul destroying mediocrity ahead of them. And that isn't fair. 4 years of working for the "man" at wal-mart should be plenty of time to teach them the error of their ways. But now they are stuck in a poverty trap and will never escape.
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Feb 2, 2011