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I don't thing that there is always somebody to blame. Bad things happen to nice people. In this particular case you could possible blame the doctors, nurses or hospital. Are they really to blame? Do they wanted to harm this man or his family? Look it from their perceptive. In every medical action there is statistical risk of something going wrong. It could be 0.1%, 1% or so. Doctors are humans and make mistakes; bad practice from doctors is also included into this percentage and shouldn't be left out of the equation. Should we blame doctors every time something goes wrong? Do we have to put the family, the accused doctors and jury through this painfully process? (How happy was the family, look at the children now). Of course the doctors and hospital shouldn't just go away, but they should pay an amount to the family. But this should be judged on purely technical matters. How bad their practice was, what is the likelihood of this happening, have they properly informed the patient about what might go wrong and so on. And as a side note. Would you have been writing the same length post if the man has died of some more natural cause? Like a car accident or a disease? Something that there is really no one to blame for? In my opinion looking for someone to blame for, doesn't really help the family to deal with their loss. People must understand that we aren't here for ever, we must not hang on the past and we should *live* every moment of our lives. That is what our lost beloved would want us to do.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Somebody is to Blame for This at Coding Horror
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Sep 27, 2012