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At this risk of ridicule, I will say suicide when not the result of mental illness but depression and hopelessness is very sad indeed. People try to offer various remedies, theories and views. But ultimately, I believe hopelessness is a result of the idols we follow. There is only one person who can offer hope and fulfillment. Only one person that can pluck you from the pits of despair and plant your feet on solid ground. And that is Jesus Christ. I implore you to read the Gospels and find the truth. The truth will indeed set you free through Christ. Not technology or ragequitting or anything else. Seriously consider this. If someone as successful as Jeff has contemplating or research suicide, what of lesser folks? In Christ you will find true glory.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2013 on The End of Ragequitting at Coding Horror
The last two detours to philosophy are quite revealing. I come from a Biblical perspective and find the posts completely missing the point. The nature of man revealed in the Bible squares with the lying and groping for happiness in wrong places perfectly. You should study the NT sometime.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2012 on Buying Happiness at Coding Horror
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May 4, 2012