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Where are Carl Hiassen and Dave Barry when you need them?
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Now here's a man thinking about his re-election. You got him being conciliatory on Obamacare, meeting with the Black Caucus, calling for an extension of early voting days and now this.
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Thanks to DJ_Steve for the ROM and Giveen for the YouTube videos. I'll be anxiously awaiting the camera and external SD card fix. Great job guys.
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Ha ha ha. She spilled dirt on poor ole Jennifer Carroll and she got arrested! What a banana republic.
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Did you just say "ridiculous salaries"? Ha ha ha, don't make me laugh. Did you read the part of the article where it says that a majority of state and local employees make less than $40,000 a year. What unions are there to fight? Florida is a right to work state. Most state and local employees are non-union. You're an independent thinker, as your name implies. You're on eof the sheeple.
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If you want answers, go straight to his puppet-masters - the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
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Jan 7, 2011