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Timothy Kreuter
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I believe that is also known as the best store ever.
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Wil, I am in a different boat as you and some of the others here, as I have never played D&D, and just recently began to play Magic. I was introduced to it by the LRR crew at PAX East this past year, and I have to say, while they helped get me to want to play it more, PAX East helped me realize how much I really had been missing out. This PAX East, I plan on actually signing up for an intro game of D&D, as well as a ton of PAX Pokemon league challenging. But this all serves me as a reminder that I need to find a regular group of friends to play with, to get to know, and to escape these doldrums that I have been in since graduating college in 2009. Also, if I was in your town, and were able to prove to you that I was not just a crazy fanboy wanting to go all "Misery" on you (*puts away hobbling machine of doom*) but a regular person with similar interests, I'd be willing to help you start up a second group. Tim
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Dec 15, 2011