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Lucas's argument that the Star Wars movies are for kids gets him so far. As a kid, I had no problem with the Ewoks, whereas once I grew up, I understood why everyone else hated them. And then I liked introducing my kids to a new trilogy, but there was Jar Jar and midichlorians and the virgin birth and the fart jokes and the wooden acting and the cheesy dialogue and the two-headed race announcer and every time a new character appeared or had his name said, there was a pause for the audience to applaud... I remember Terence Stamp saying he agreed to do the movie so he could act with Natalie Portman but she wasn't on set that day, so he had to act off a broomstick. But this is what Lucas has become and has been for a long time. This is the guy who fought for years and years to have Indiana Jones fight aliens. My personal wish is that he'd let someone else independently do their own trilogy at some other corner of his galaxy and just use ILM for the effects and such.
Refn just beat up all of Jack Palance's children.
Taram Killam had Les Jeunes de Paris, which is pretty funny. They need Fred Armisen to leave so Jay Pharaoh can take over Barack Obama. If Wiig leaves this summer, Lorne should hire back Michaela Watkins. Seems like Kenan Thompson has about run his course. Seth Meyers too. Maybe replace Seth with Demitri Martin.
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You know what's unforgiveable to me? When Premiere left print, instead of refunding the remainder of my money, they sent me some US Weekly's. Because if I like movies, I must like gossip about The Hills and paparazzi pictures. Same thing, right?