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Kristen McHugh
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Pretty sure this was where Nathan Fillion was headed when I saw him walking out of the hotel. It actually makes me really happy, that y'all just want to get your geek on as much as the rest of us. Comic-con oversold the capacity of the center, by about 25k, based on what I've heard, and it was a logistical nightmare. Hall H was dead until Sunday's tv-oriented panels, and ballroom 20 was a nightmare. Line management beyond herding people into a line or area, was non-existent, and none of the staff gave consistent or coherent information. The only attempts at line management were hellish, for anyone with mobility issues, (unless you were using a mobility device.) Forcing people to go upstairs, and then walk downstairs and outside the length of the center, or to stand in the question line in a panel, when they say, point-blank, "I physically cannot do this," is insane. This actually happened to me multiple times. There are a myriad of ways to solve the line issues, and none of them are being implemented. While it was an amazing experience overall, I'd like to see Comic-con stop hand-waving issues because they know people will come no matter what. Dealing with those issues, and providing alternative policy for security to use when dealing with PWD who aren't obvious to the naked eye, i.e., without a wheelchair/scooter/assistive device/person/animal, would be nice. The gathering of the geek tribe is an amazing thing, and it should stay that way, not get bogged down in logistical hoorah.
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Jul 26, 2011