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I own a UX31A and while I agree with Jeff about the impressive list of positive features on this machine, there is one significant drawback at least in my experience. The keyboard. The main issue is that the keys are very unresponsive. They do slide down nicely, but they do not trigger the key event with 100% success. Every key has some dead corners that are more susceptible to this, and if you do any programming, the shift/ctrl -combinations compound the amount of mistakes. A few missed letters may not sound like much but the overall effect of having to second guess your typed input is more draining than you can imagine. This is a significant issue with the Asus Zenbook series, you can google up plenty of articles and discussion threads that note it. Since the keyboard is THE main interface in using a computer - especially for a tech-oriented audience such as this blog's readership - I urge anyone considering a Zenbook to test write a few paragraphs or a few blocks of code to see whether your typing manners will be compatible with the keyboard.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2012 on The Last PC Laptop at Coding Horror
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Sep 23, 2012