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My favorite nuts are almonds. I love eating almonds with dried cranberries. I always have this mix handy at home, in my desk drawer and purse. Gives me that extra little burst of energy when I am feeling low.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2011 on Tap Times Tables GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
I use apps to supplement my teaching at school but also I use them at home with kids. Our family has one ipad. My husband and I work at the same school. I work with middle and high school students and he works with first graders (specifically children with learning challenges). We share the ipad at home and at work so it really does get a lot of use. All the kids get excited when they see us carrying the ipad because they know its their turn again. This app would be great for our elementary students as well as our daughter.
You offer links for download for US, Canada, Australia and UK. Consider one for Europe as well. I am in Croatia and love your reviews and would prefer to order apps through your link.
I will definitely be there on Saturday - all the way from Croatia. As far as apps and developers go I would like to see apps that support K-2 literacy and math skills. I often find that apps are either too easy for my kids or too hard. I depend on your reviews a lot because they help me make an informed decision on what to get for my kids. Thanks
Zagreb, Croatia!
I speak Spanish and Croatian. I would like to learn Portuguese.
Barbie I can be by Mattel
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Oct 3, 2011