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Kristopher Bunch
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Get rid of the stock thread-less props as fast as you can! I ran into an issue, when, not IF you break props and are only left with the center plastic piece you will have to use two sets of pliers to get it off. You have to brace the motor with one pair and use the other to spin the center plastic piece of the prop to get it off. I worry about damaging the motors when I do that.
Solution to labels, keg instead! I have been home brewing for 6 years now and just started kegging. I will never bottle again! If you want to take some to a party just fill a growler. Secondary to the keg, force carb it, fully carbed within a few days. You still have to let it condition though.
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No one can replace Keller! No matter who we get next season they won't be as good. Boss looked impressive, except for getting beat on his feet that one play.
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Aug 24, 2011