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As an unabashed Apple user, I've been extremely happy to see the rest of the industry finally getting their act together on this point. Playing catchup they may be, but if Asus and Samsung's latest offerings in the PC market are an indicator, at least some of them have the potential to do it well. (I've missed all the reviews of the Lenovo ultrabooks, but I imagine theirs must be pretty solid as well.) Only one quibble: that screen is close to Retina density, but it's definitely not a Retina screen (which is more to say: Windows isn't there yet, alas, though Windows 8 does a heck of a lot better at it than Windows 7 does). The resolution "independence" (Apple uses a nice trick, but it's obviously not real independence) is really something else, and when you go beyond just the resolution doubling and add in all the subpixel work that full OSes use, it's... wow. Just, wow. (Also: if you're using it at full resolution, you must have amazing eyes.) Related: I've been running the rMBP for the last month and one of the real treats is running Windows 7 or 8 in Parallels 8. It is, without question, far and away the best Windows has ever looked. I can't wait till they're actually pushing Retina screens for everyone - you'll never want to go back once they do. I expect Apple will have them in their 13" machines by the end of the year, and in every machine they sell as the only option within the next 5 years. That, in turn, should push the rest of the industry (including Microsoft), and that's going to be really delightful for everyone all around. One thing I can't figure out? Why it's so hard (outside of Apple) to get machines that are 16x10 instead of 16x9. The latter drives me batty when doing software development - a lot of folks I've known in the last three years have taken to pushing two screens together, but sideways so they have enough vertical space to actually get software work done... If you get time, I'd love to see an article tracking resolution independence efforts from you in line with some of your other tech spec write-ups.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2012 on The Last PC Laptop at Coding Horror
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Sep 23, 2012