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Just a question. . . What would you do if you saw a couple (and for the sake of discussion they are a mentally stable, unabused, happily married couple) nude/partially nude making love in a public place like the park or their place of business. Would you stop and say, "Wow, that is so beautiful. Look at their fill-in-whatever-truly-amazing-part-of-the-human-form-here."? Would you sit on the park bench next to them with a bag of popcorn and watch? Would you call your significant other and say, "Babe, get down here now. You've got to see this because it is going to make our love life sooooo much better"? Or would you be shocked, slightly embarrassed, look away, and mumble something to the effect of "get a room" under your breath? I would venture to guess it would be the later. Does that mean that you think the couple are horrible people? No Does it mean that you are uncomfortable with sex, the human form, or your body? Nope Does it mean that a couple having sex is wrong or dirty? Once again, No It would be natural to be uncomfortable publicly viewing a couple making love because the act of making love is meant to be an intimate and personal relationship between two people. So what is the difference with pornography? Because ALL pornography is the public viewing of an intimate act.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on What Our Sons See at Modestly Yours
There is a prevalent ideology in modern society that "boys will be boys" and that encouraging them to curb the desire to look at women sexually is at the very least a losing battle if not out right wrong. I am glad that there are mothers encouraging their sons to use restraint when it comes to the issue of looking at a woman to lust after her. I am also very proud of the men in our society who don't bow to the pressure to engage in such acts. It take a great deal of restraint and courage. Shanna, your perspective of pornography is certainly shared by many in our world today. We seem to debate a great deal about the viewing of porn, but I wonder if you have ever thought about what goes into the making of porn. If you are interested in this perspective, I would suggest checking out the website It is the story of a woman who is a former porn star. After reading her inside scoop, it should change the benign way in which we view the porn industry.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2010 on What Our Sons See at Modestly Yours
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Aug 20, 2010