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As a person with a decent understanding on how a computer OS works here are my speculations: 1- OS X is more aggressive than Windows to reduce the impact of processes when they are not foreground processes (e.g. timer coalescing). In addition, OS X have generally much less going in the background than windows. 2- I haven't heavily used windows 8 but I believe having both metro apps and desktop apps taxes your battery a lot (not very sure it does). 3- Surface Pro 2 has almost twice as many pixels as MBA 11. 4- Maybe the surface Pro 2 and windows 8 are not taking full advantage of Haswell features to aggressively turn the clock down when the full speed is not needed. Or maybe they turn it down when is should run at full speed. Note you can get the best battery life when you finishes the work at it's optimum voltage/clock state then goes to sleep. 5- Maybe Windows very core was built without taking into account too many power constrains. However, apple got to rebuild their kernel when they switched to x86. Apple don't usually have as much to worry about in terms of backward compatibility and even if they do, they don't usually care. Apple likes to move on with their it's life :p I like Microsoft even thought I am not a big fan of their current strategy. Specially Windows 8 Apps that gets rid of the Nav Bar at the bot of the screen. Competition is good. Without competition, both OSes would suck. I currently own 3 laptops MBA 13' 2011. rMBP 15' late 2012 and Lenovo T410. My rMBP 15' generally feels faster when running on Win 7 then OS X. When I dock it at home, I use Win 7. Otherwise, I'll be running OS X
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Oct 21, 2013