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@ leafslover95 In all honesty, I don't think the players have much say over where their team plays, whether it stays or moves. That is up to the league and the owners. Winnipeg has a 15,000 seat arena, and while that may not be as large as some, like TD Garden in boston or the ACC in Toronto, 15,000 fans inside a building versus 12,000 fans inside a building is still 3000 fans more in Winnipeg than in Phoenix. I imagine ticket prices would be higher in Winnipeg than in Phoenix, as fans in Winnipeg would be willing pay large amounts to see NHL hockey back in their building. Damien, what do you think of the possibility that the Manitoba Moose move down to Phoenix to replace the Yotes if they do move to Winnipeg? Jobing would have a team to play in it, albeit AHL hockey? I have no idea if that is even being considered, but what do you think the NHL would say to that possibility?
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Love when Burke is just straight with his answers. Thanks for posting the interview Vinay VM Replies: No problem, KWood19.
The leafs can only blame themselves for the outcome of this season... simple as that :D i must say, its catchy. May just have to start using it more often....
From what I've heard, Bryzgalov and Francois Aulaire (sorry if thats mis-spelled) did not like each other back in Anaheim. How could Burke justify going out and signing a goalie he knows wont follow the program of one of his coaches?
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Feel better from the fever. chicken noodle soup? best remedy. or at least it will make you warm inside. I must say, I do hope this showing Phaneuf is giving us since the allstar break isn't just a 'Lee Stempniak in Pheonix for 20 odd games' that happened right after he was traded. It would just make the trade for Phaneuf and Aulie that much better. Exponentially so. That said, rest up Vinay! feel better!
I think that it may be time to give the goose another shot between the pipes. At this point, it doesn't appear Giggy is gonna get anything done for us in net. Goose was the monster in his AHL conditioning stint we thought we were getting when we signed him. Personally, I don't see the harm in giving Reimer a break... the kid deserves one. While the Leafs legs may be starting to fill with lead, I do hope they keep pushing. They are young, yes, and some are truly experiencing their first real season-ending grind. All I can say is that if they do not make it to that unspeakable word, they will at least have the experience of knowing what being in the race near the end of the season feels like. They know how tired, how drained they will be, and hopefully, they can prepare accordingly throughout the off-season and regular season, so that the next time this roles around, they know what they have to do to finally get themselves to the promise land. Quick question: Cox wrote that in his opinion, Bryzgalov should be the leafs number one sought after off-season free agent signing if he is available, instead of Brad Richards as many leafs fans want. Who, in your opinion, should the leafs go after should both be available? VM Replies: I mentioned this in a previous thread. Bryzgalov and Allaire hate each other. They refused to work together in Anaheim, which put Burke in the awkward position of having to tell his goaltending coach that one of the goaltenders was not going to be following the program. So there is zero chance the Leafs would go after him. At any rate, I don't think a veteran goaltender should be the No. 1 item on this summer's shopping list.
oh how this calendar brightened my day
@ Robert, you mentioned stars fighting, and I felt the need to toss out my opinion on this one. I'd like to know people's opinions on stars fighting in the league. Iggy has been known to drop the gloves when the time is right. He's a big guy who (if my memory serves me right) has answered the call multiple times and usually holds his own. So Iggy fighting isn't a surprise. The other three that Ron mentioned, however, different story. In all honesty Hall shouldn't have to answer the bell in his rookie year. Crosby has been around enough to know when he should and shouldn't, and in all honesty he rarely ever should. For Toews, according to he has only fought twice in his NHL career, and in all honesty in the number of games he as played that really isn't that many times. Should he fight? Depends on the time. Just like Crosby, he's been around long enough to know what the right spots to pick are. I feel the Great 8 needs to drop the gloves more. I feel he at times plays a reckless game, whether it be sticking out a knee or leaving his feet when he makes a hit. If a player of his size and strength is willing to throw his body around like that and possibly injure others with his play, then he needs to be able to answer the bell. Basically, my opinion is that a guy who has established himself in the league should step up the odd time to make sure people know he's willing to. A rookie like Hall, or even Couture or Skinner shouldn't be expected to step up and fight when they may not have even finished growing yet. Let the kids develop under the 'protection' of veterans who understand these are kids still learning to play in a league of men.
While some of the players addressed in the article are before my time, the legacy they have carried with them is not lost on me. Today, when I asked my dad about the comparisons made between the players, he could not have agreed more. I have read about the heart, character, and skill of those former Leafs teams on many occasions -- all I can say is that I wish I could have been there to see them play myself. However, Elizabeth (and hopefully other leaf fans), I do share your optimism. I feel this team is just starting to develop the character required to truthfully capture the city of Toronto, and by that prospect I am truly excited. I cannot wait for the day when many in the city are not able to say "pffft, the Leafs? not a hope in making the playoffs". I wait for the day when these core players you have mentioned make the city say "Wow, these guys have a real shot at getting to the cup". You brilliantly expressed your words, and as a younger fan who has yet to experience a winning team, it excites me to hear you say you believe in our boys. Thanks for writing Vinay, it was a brilliant piece to read.
This game made me A) hate versteeg, which I had not done before, and B) made me believe beyond belief that the leafs are a better team without him. the scoring by committee, it makes me so happy. I finally believe this team believes in itself, and will finally get us to the unspeakable word.
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@ ValleyRed Interesting question about Phaneuf. Vinay's speculation may just hold some merit. I think Phaneuf really just doesn't show his true personality to the media, and unfortunately, that leads the rest of the fans to not fully understand him. a Star article that I read a while back that really showed some insight into Phaneuf as a character was written by Cathal Kelly earlier in December of this year. Don't know if anyone read it, but it certainly warmed my heart. VM Replies: Cathal's a dear friend and a wonderful writer. He's also the only person in the newsroom I would not challenge to a drinking contest.
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@ Ken Lupul does need a nickname... The Chemist might just do!
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2011 on Game 64: Momentum at z_A Leafs Fan Blogs
Thanks for sending along the message Vinay, greatly appreciated.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2011 on Game 64: Momentum at z_A Leafs Fan Blogs
Phaneuf, against the penguins, has messed up on two goals against in two games (the shorty in the first game and the breakaway in the game tonight), and scored/set up two goals (ppg in first game, overtime goal tonight). at least he is making up for his mistakes! That game had me on a roller coaster. It felt like a playoff game. A game that really mattered. It was nice to feel that way again, after a long, long time. The ACC even seemed into it for once. I pray to the hockey gods that this can keep happening. VM Replies: You should also be sleeping. BTW, just realized I never replied to the email you had sent earlier. Apologies. I forwarded the message and it was appreciated.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2011 on Game 64: Momentum at z_A Leafs Fan Blogs
Fantastic piece. Whenever my dad talks to me about the leafs from the past, he talks about the players as if they would have given their lives for the team. I really hope that passion and honour of wearing a Leafs jersey returns to this team.
I guess kessel does make up for it. and the sleep cycle of a university student keeps me awake! only good things happen after 2 am!
couldn't agree more. they finally look like a team that seriously believes they can make they playoffs. they aren't just saying that they believe they can, they are finally playing like they believe they can. my only question... when the heck will joffrey lupul, if ever, start producing? just imagine how much more successful that line would be (lupul bozak kessel) if Lupul started potting a few snipes himself? VM Replies: Why are you awake at this ungodly hour? Lupul will get on track. He's getting his chances. Besides, right now Kessel is producing enough for six linemates.
while im not one to be yelling the fire ron wilson chants, maybe just decrease his duties from running the power play for a few games and hire you to run the power play strategy. who knows, we might finally see an inventive idea out on the ice!
sad to see him go, yet understandable. I REALLY hope he doesn't get booed when he returns to the leafs. hopefully they give him a sundin type return. he certainly deserves it.
who woulda thunk it at the beginning of the year that aulie would be a stud, and Reimer would be leading the way with some absolutely confidence-building play? not this guy! but I certainly cannot complain. too soon to consider picking up Reimer in my hockey pools?
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what a fantastic game that one was. Reimer's save with some odd 20 seconds to go was pure clutch that made my day. keeps me thinking... is this kid for real? I sure hope he isn't just taunting us with a hint of brilliance that will vanish after this offseason. I do hope Burke is now serisouly considering the kid for the future, along with Goose and Rynnas. now the only tough choice comes down to which one to put on the trade block, if any.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on Game 57: Thank you, Boston at z_A Leafs Fan Blogs
Another great game, albeit a negative result. As you said, Vinay, Aulie was a stud. just simply a stud. good, comfortable, stay at home defenseman who jumped into the rush the odd time to try to spark some offense. he did it at just the right times, and if my memory serves me correct, didnt leave his partner out to dry. I really hope Lupul can get back to form, if he pots even ten goals before the end of the year I'd be ecstatic. This leafs team is starting to get a vibe and a character about it, isn't it? It almost feels like some of them are starting to play with that Macarthur chip on their shoulder, with something to prove. as they should. This game was one of the most entertaining games I've seen them play in a while.
Part of me would like to see big mac get the A, but i think Grabbo is another good choice for the A. came in to this year with so much criticism from last year, and has absolutely dominated, and been the leafs best forward in my opinion. so I think giving either one the A wouldn't be a bad choice. Giving it back to Kabby? well... don't know about that one. by the way Burke is acting it doesn't look like Kabby will be resigned, but then again that may just be what he wants to show us. But giving the A to a guy who may have one foot out the door doesn't make sense to me.
this game made me rather happy inside. hopefully the boys can keep it up and at least get out of a lottery pick!