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Although I always love that vintage-y look...I'm vintage impaired. Sad. My favorite design trick is to check out the 'pros' and find layouts I think work...then work them for my purposes! (shhhh...don't say scraplifting...)
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happy happy birthday hubby is joining you on the dark side in just a few weeks!
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Oh so guys have done it again. My favorite store, hands down...Green Tangerines in Rocklin, CA. Kelly and the Creative Crew are pretty hard to beat! :)
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2009 on Nutmeg: The Reveal! at Cosmo Cricket
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LOVE it!
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loving this...the anticipation of it all has been so fun! congratulations!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2009 on An "Ella" of a Labor Day Giveaway! at Yeah, Write
That had me laugh out the point that my sons in the bathtub are asking what I'm laughing about. I love it!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2009 on My New BFF at { a swoop and a dart }
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Wow! Don't think I could top that's great! But I guess I could say 'Choose your attitude each day and let it guide your reactions all day'...most things are mind over matter anyway. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Emails from Friends at Cosmo Cricket
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oh 'go to' embellie changes...but my tools (paper trimmer and adhesive) stay the same. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on bean chase at ... just Laura
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Celebrating my 8 year old's birthday and getting ready for school to start on Monday...whoohooo!
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on Working for the weekend! at Cosmo Cricket
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my favorite activity has been watching my two fearful little boys gain more confidence in the much so that by summer's end they are begging for pool time each day!
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that's awesome! i used to LOVE the esprit store...i had to beg my mom to go and she actually found the outlet in LA so that she could afford my girlish desires. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2009 on Esprit Sportiv at { a swoop and a dart }
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Doesn't that mean you are 1 year away until you can start paying AARP dues? That's something to look forward too, huh? :) Happy Birthday!
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Mini albums aren't my first go to...but I've done lots for gifts...especially year in reviews as gifts for the grandparents! They love them! But this snorkel line...I'd love to do a summer fun in review for my three boys! :)
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happy happy birthday! I wish I was still 35...I'm staring down the barrel of 40...and I feel great! So welcome to the party!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2009 on Did you miss us? at Cosmo Cricket
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I'm so much of a 'gotta hold it, smell it, caress it' kind of I spend a lot of time in my LSS (Shout out to Green Tangerines in Rocklin, CA!)...oh, and I've blogged about you before...and I'll do it again! :)
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welcome back ms. mer! ;)
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on hey kids! at scrapbooking made fresh
cute cute cute labels! i'm off to check out your studio as I'm about to do a big purge and move of rooms as well...eeek!
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2009 on The Lovelies at Write. Click. Scrapbook.
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ah, can't wait to see these in person! :)
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2009 on More Sneaks of the CHA Goodies at Cosmo Cricket
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yummy! I'm predominantly a 12x12, double page girl. I include probably 5-10 photos per layout. But I also see the need for single pagers, 8 1/2 x 11 and even odd sizes to complete our family history. I'm an equal opportunity scrapper...but the 12'er is my first love. :)
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That's great! The funniest part to me was that it was written in first person and sent from Lindsay...made me wonder if it was really HIS story? hee hee...
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no way! that is so dang cool! and i LOVE butterscotch!
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on Bottoms Up, Butterbeer at HELLOmynameisHeather
Those are super cute! Looking forward to your tutorial since my sewing skills are limited to semi-straight lines these days. :)
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on back and forth at the moments in between
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oh my goodness! I LOVE it! I've been eyeing that line for a while...mmmmmmm....
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on Reader Spotlight: Danni Reid at October Afternoon
Green Tangerines, baby! That place is the best!! :)
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on CHAS 09 Sneak Peek at Cosmo Cricket
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Me! Me! Add me, too, please!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2009 on What Does She DO All Day? at Yeah, Write