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Wil, Thank you so much for writing this! i loved it not only because you are such a talented writer but because it pulled at my heartstrings hard! When you say The River you knew was 15 and he was your friend, the fact that you are forced to talk about him I am sorry I am having a hard time wording this, what I am trying to say is I didnt even know River at all yet I have this amazing love for him, where it comes from I dont know, I am not one to worship celebrities by any means and get frustrated that as a society we do this so often when children are starving in the world ect.. But with River its different and it bothers me to a degree because I cant figure out why i feel this way for him, anyway what you wrote really touched me, it would be so strange to have to be put in the spot that you are often in, talking about someone who passed so long ago the way he did and not really have knowing him very well since you were young. Anyhow I have babbled on too much, I really just wanted to thank you
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Mar 22, 2011